Ms. Audrey Michelle
Audrey Michelle Alvarado was born in El Paso, TX. She was taken to a circus for the first time when she was four years old and from then on she has been a part of the Circus World! 

Her parents were handbalancers and she performed with them for the first time when she was six years old. She then proceeded to tour with her family and perform various circus acts. With her brother Taj, she trained animals, performed with elephants and became an aerialist.

At the age of fourteen, she decided she wanted to go to school so she returned to El Paso, TX to finish her education. The Circus was never far from her heart.  She returned to the Circus at the age of twenty two after she married Israel Alvarado, a former acrobat with the famous Golden Aztecs. They now travel together and raise their three children, Adrian, Carolina and  Sebastian.

The Circus is an art form like no other. The gratification of performing and then to see the joy on the faces of the audience is an experience like no other!